Our integrated approach to each project strikes the right balance between environmental concerns and aesthetic integrity. We take great pride in being good stewards of our profession and that means being good stewards of our environment.

These are the core values upon which our practice is founded. Studio A2 is seizing the opportunity to be leaders in our profession by utilizing time-tested passive principles and emerging green technologies while maintaining the highest standards of green architecture and green design.

Our clients benefit not only by contributing to a sustainable future but to their own health and comfort. Historically, most green construction has lacked refinement in the joining of materials and the interplay of space that is the hallmark of great architecture. Our core values promote an architecture of unsurpassed quality and dedication to the protection of our natural resources.

Studio A2 focuses on designing buildings that limit their impact on the natural environment using:

  • Low embodied energy
  • environmentally sensitive materials
  • Passive and active solar design principles
  • Energy efficient and renewable energy technology
  • Rainwater and stormwater harvesting and supply
  • Greywater and waste water reuse systems